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Hide-a-Way Publishing is committed to providing you with the one-on-one personal service you expect and deserve.  We will walk through the entire publishing process in a systematic and organized fashion ensuring that you receive the attention to detail that you expect.


Great Communication

Hide-a-Way Publishing will provide the highest level of communication possible.  We will communicate with you through each step of the publishing process ensuring that you know exactly where your book is in the publishing process.  You will not be left wondering what is happening with your book.  We will be in touch with you on a regular basis.



Hide-a-Way Publishing is committed to doing everything with integrity. We will always tell you the truth.  We will never over-promise.  We will "under-sell and over-provide."  We understand the nature of the publishing industry today. Our goal is to give you an ally you can trust in the publishing process.

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Time is Your Most Valuable Commodity!!

Writing a book is a labor of love. And it takes time! However, in today's publishing culture, aspiring authors spend more time "shopping" their manuscripts, writing query letter, and putting together book proposals than they spend refining their craft...which is writing! Where do you want to spend your time??? Writing your book or shopping your book?

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